My personal projects

As any curious or restless person, I tend to be doing something all the time. This helps me to keep learning, discover new things and prevent me to get stucked.

This has pushed me to create several projects, but I'm going to mention just few of them.

EUC Finder

2022 - Ongoing - Madrid, ES

Since I started riding Electric unicycles, I haven't find any catalog where I can look all available unicycles and compare them, so I can know if purchasing a new one worths it.

With EUC Finder I'm solving this problem, allowing users to search, filter and compare different EUCs based on their preferences. There are also pictures, videos, links to compatible apps and link to trusted stores.

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Character Arena

2017 - 2021 - Madrid, ES

I was really impresed about what I learned in Samyroad about ReactJS, so I decided to start a project using that stack.

I love videogames, in particular World of Warcraft, so I decided to create a Progressive Web App where I can compare my character with others, and identify the areas where my character should improve.

This project was strongly based on scrapping ranking pages and fetching information directly from Blizzard's API.

AxiosCSSEslintExpressJSGitHTMLJavascriptMongoDBNodeJSParcelJSReactJSReduxStyled componentsTypescriptYarn


2015 - Mar del Plata, AR

We were building a software that allows us to open the door with our phones or using a web app, at Spark Digital.

We had some problems while resetting the Raspberry Pi (our server), so I decided to create a console that we can use from the web app.

That's how ngConsole was born. It's an Angular JS directive, and it's able to launch predefined commands and also any command the developer wants to code.

Angular JSCSSGulpHTMLJavascript

Material CSS

2014 - Mar del Plata, AR

Android 5 was launched few months ago, and I really loved Google's Material Design. But there wasn't any library that allows me to build websites based on Material Design without being attached to a javascript framework.

I didn't want to use Angular Material, Polymer, Materialize and other options, because they were forcing me to code Javascript in a particular way, and I wanted a tool for creating Material Design websites, compatible with any framework or library.

That's why I decided to create Material CSS, a CSS library that you can use without modifying your Javascript code. It also have a few Javascript functions that allow the user to toggle somethings, or create some click effects.


Monopoly Online

2012 - 2013 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES

I was finishing the first year of my Upper Degree, when one of our teacher asked for creating a game using Javascript. I was so excited about it, thatI finished it before the starting date.

With 90 days with nothing to do in the horizon, I decided to start the biggest personal project I've ever faced: building a Monopoly.

This game was created using only pure Javascript. No tools like Sass or jQuery (or any other library) were used.

The next year, I implemented a backend and Monopoly went Online. I got 5.000+ users and my hosting blocked the domain. I stopped fighting with the hosting, so now it's offline.


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